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Understanding the NIH Recovery Act Grant Award Spreadsheet
NIH and the ARRA

This spreadsheet of NIH grants funded by the Recovery Act is updated daily and includes both new awards and continual modifications to previously-awarded grants. Generally, there are four types of changes that are likely to occur in this spreadsheet on any given day:

  • Awards are terminated, resulting in a reduction in both the number of grants awarded and the total NIH Recovery Act funding. These terminations are often only temporary, performed to correct some administrative details of the original award. In these cases, a revised award will be issued several days after the termination.
  • Terminated awards are re-issued, which will increase the number of grants awarded and total NIH Recovery Act funding.
  • New awards are issued, which increases both the number of grants awarded and total NIH Recovery Act funding.
  • The budgets of awarded grants are revised. These can either increase or decrease total NIH Recovery Act funding, but will have no affect on the number of grants.
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