Investigators and Trainees

  Size and characteristics of the biomedical research workforce associated with U.S. National Institutes of Health extramural grants
Lindsay R. Pool, Robin M. Wagner, Lindsey L. Scott, Deepshikha RoyChowdhury, Rediet Berhane, Charles Wu, Katrina Pearson, Jennifer A. Sutton and Walter T. Schaffer

ACD Biomedical Workforce Working Group Data 

  Race, Ethnicity, and NIH Research Awards: De-Identified Dataset
Donna K. Ginther, Walter T. Schaffer, Joshua Schnell, Beth Masimore, Faye Liu, Laurel L. Haak, and Raynard Kington (2.6MB)

Sex Differences in Application, Success, and Funding Rates for NIH Extramural Programs
Pohlhaus, Jennifer Reineke PhD; Jiang, Hong PhD; Wagner, Robin M. PhD, MS; Schaffer, Walter T. PhD; Pinn, Vivian W. MD

  Diversity in Academic Biomedicine: An Evaluation of Education and Career Outcomes with Implications for Policy (2.8MB)

  Building a Diverse Workforce of Physician Scientists: Applications for Research Funding Are the Crucial First Step (648KB)

  Workforce Modeling for the National Institutes of Health (2009); White, J.C., Rush, M., Schaffer, W.T. (~475KB)

  NIH New Investigators: Number of investigators and age at first award (~6MB)

  Women in the Biomedical Science Workforce   (~1MB)

   Age Distributions (percentages) of NIH R01 Principal Investigators and Medical School Faculty (~6MB).  Animated slide.

   Age Distributions (percentages) of NIH RPG Principal Investigators and Medical School Faculty (~6MB).  Animated slide.

  Age ABCD (~6MB)